The Colour Lounge


Do you have naturally curly hair? Do you find that your hairdresser doesn’t understand your curls, is your hair treated the same way as the clients with straight hair?
Well we were guilty of doing just this until Lisa went to Birmingham to train with Matthew from Spring, the UK’s first dedicated curly hair salon.
So now we offer the Curl-by-Curl technique of cutting hair. So now we want to help you love your curls and help you learn how to look after them, how to wash, dry and style them.
So there is now a curly hair cut and blow dry, this means that we require you to come to your appointment with freshly washed hair and in it’s natural state, not tied up. This is so that we can see how your hair falls, how the curls are as you will be having most of your haircut done in this dry state. This also applies if you are having a colour as we will cut your hair prior to colouring it. As the ethos of the curl by curl is that no silicone, not even water soluble ones, are to be used in the hair cleanser, conditioner or products. We are stocking the Only Curls range and will show you how to use these products as part of your cut and blow dry.


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